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Jeder stirbt für sich allein

Based on the novel by Hans Fallada

Thalia Theater Hamburg

Premiere 13 October 2012

Jeder stirbt für sich allein, © Krafft Angerer

Jeder stirbt für sich allein. Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Daniel Lommatzsch © Krafft Angerer

Public discussion 7 May 2013, following the performance
Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Kubus
with the ensemble and Anke Dürr (jury)
Moderation Tobi Müller

If you think that morality is a flexible entity, that there’s a victim in every perpetrator or a perpetrator in every victim, that good and evil are a question of perspective, then you should definitely see “Jeder stirbt für sich allein”. Mr and Mrs Quangel only manage to hand out 18 cards bearing the lapidary sentence “The Führer has murdered my son”, before they are tortured and killed in the Gestapo’s dungeons.

Luc Perceval’s production approaches Fallada’s resistance novel with concentration. It avoids milieu and atmosphere and creates a tersely sketched panorama of the followers and opportunists, the stairway-spies and rear house blackmailers, the small bandwagon effects and huge mistakes without which no dictatorship could ever exist. The more the Thalia Theater’s ensemble shows a thorough and simple understanding of these people, who just want to make their modest profits or simply be left in peace, the more unbearable those characters become. Violence has a clammy handshake.

Directed by Luk Perceval
Stage design Annette Kurz
Costume design Ilse Vandenbussche
Music Lothar Müller
Lighting design Mark van Denesse
Dramaturgy Christina Bellingen

The Little Fox and others Benjamin-Lew Klon
Karl Hergesell Mirco Kreibich
Enno Kluge Daniel Lommatzsch
Otto Quangel Thomas Niehaus
Obergruppenführer Prall / Judge Fromm Barbara Nüsse
Hete Häberle Gabriele Maria Schmeide
Trudel Baumann Marie Löcker
Eva Kluge Cathérine Seifert
Emil Barkhausen Alexander Simon
Inspector Escherisch André Szymanski
Anna Quangel Oda Thormeyer