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Krieg und Frieden

Based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy
German translation by Barbara Conrad

Centraltheater Leipzig / Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen 2012

Premiere Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen 10 May 2012
Premiere Schauspiel Leipzig 20 September 2012

Krieg und Frieden, © R. Arnold / Centraltheater

Krieg und Frieden. Guido Lamprecht © R. Arnold / Centraltheater

Launch party 8 May 2013, following the performance
Grüner Salon
with DJ Tinko

Public discussion 9 May 2013, following the performance
with the ensemble and Franz Wille (jury)
Moderation Tobi Müller

Almost two-thousand pages of war reports, nobility salon gossip, higher philosophy and the economy of match-making: Sebastian Hartmann and his cast find an intelligent and original answer to the challenge of Tolstoy’s epic work of world literature.

This adaptation from Leipzig follows neither the rampant trend for Reader’s Digest renditions nor the discursive method of breaking up material in the style of Frank Castorf. Instead of presenting linear plots, it is structured by motifs, condensing recurrent topoi into essential scenes with strong images, and it is only logical that they end up dealing with the ultimate issues. “I”, “Death” or “Faith” are appropriately complex titles of some units of meaning from this five-hour performance, which takes place on a highly symbolic, tilting and lifting stage platform. The actors take an increasingly direct line towards the present, without conspicuously displaying this course. Template-like products for giving meaning become increasingly prone to decay. In this, the production is as consistent as in the waiver of a clear assignment of characters: Big universal questions, as we all know, befall the human species regardless of age and gender. /

Directed by Sebastian Hartmann
Stage design Sebastian Hartmann / Tilo Baumgärtel
Costume design Adriana Braga Peretzki
Music Sascha Ring (Apparat) / performed by Sascha Ring, Philipp Thimm, Christoph “Mäcki” Hamann
Lighting design Lothar Baumgarte
Dramaturgy Uwe Bautz

Susanne Böwe, Artemis Chalkidou, Janine Kreß, Heike Makatsch, Linda Pöppel, Birgit Unterweger, Cordelia Wege, Jana Zöll, Manolo Bertling, Manuel Harder, Matthias Hummitzsch, Guido Lambrecht, Hagen Oechel, Berndt Stübner