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By Ersan Mondtag

Staatstheater Kassel

World premiere Staatstheater Kassel: 10 December 2015

Tyrannis © Nils Klinger

Tyrannis. f.l.: Philipp Reinhardt, Kate Strong, Jonas Grundner-Culemann, Eva-Maria Keller, Enrique Keil © Nils Klinger

Public discussion on 9 May, following the second performance

In the dark forest, a muezzin calls; a father goes down to the cellar armed with an axe; a very fat girl stomps her feet in defiance and makes the whole house shake. A fairytale mood pervades “Tyrannis” by Ersan Mondtag, the eerie kind of fairy-tale. We watch the avatar-like movements of a red-haired family, via CCTV in their rooms and live in a strange kind of open-plan kitchen, like a human zoo. They don’t talk, they follow strict rituals and they are hiding secrets. Did terrible things happen in the past or are they still in store for these zombiesque detached-house-souls? A patient contemplation of Mondtag’s room-world-dreams evokes associations of horror movies and computer games, of David Lynch and the Brothers Grimm, but also of a petit bourgeois claustrophobia à la Fassbinder and the bashful characters of Christoph Marthaler. The powerfully pictorial concentration composed from these influences by the 28-year-old performer and director produces an intimate commonplace horror in an enchantingly wayward atmosphere.

Direction, stage and costume design Ersan Mondtag
Composition and sound design Max Andrzejewski
Dramaturgy Thomaspeter Goergen
Video and editing Jonas Grundner-Culemann
Assistance stage and costume design Paula Wellmann
Assistance directing and video, performance manager Philipp Rosendahl

The Mother Kate Strong
The Aunt Eva-Maria Keller
The Father Enrique Keil
The Daughter Philipp Reinhardt
The Son Jonas Grundner-Culemann
The Guest Sabrina Ceesay