Intervention | 10 Treffen: Solidarity Treffen

1 Minute Scream

By and with Jana Shostak

A young woman holds her palm up to the camera, which reads: “#Global Scream”.

1 Minute Scream © Dawid Żuchowicz, Agencja Wyborcza

Jana Shostak, Artist of Residence of the 2023 Theatertreffen, is a Polish-Belarusian activist and intermedia artist. She uses her artistic work as a tool to express her social and civic position and aims at political change.

This event is part of the Solidarity Treffen.

On selected days at 18:00 one minute of shouting for Belarus.
For the EU to hear, for Germany to hear, for the whole world to hear.
Out of solidarity and helplessness at the same time.

Jana Shostak is a Polish-Belarusian activist and intermedia artist who combines many different media in her artistic activity and works in the fields of performance, video art, internet art and others. She creates socially engaged art. Jana Shostak combines activist work and visual practice and is currently deeply involved in exhausting daily volunteer work. The artist’s activities on all three levels (artistic/activist/educational) are a reaction to the world we are living in. Jana Shostak’s treats her actions, although in the field of art, as a tool to demand political sanctions towards the Belarusian government, for example.

Jana Shostak is a resident of the Theatertreffen for the entire duration of the festival.

By and with

Jana Shostakactivist and intermedia artist

The residency of Jana Shostak in Berlin is organised together with SPRING Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht and Santarcangelo Festival in Italy in a frame of the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, co-funded by the European Union.

The event is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.