Video installation | 10 Treffen: Herstory Treffen


By Liubov Sliusareva
13 min video loop, 2022

A woman climbs a high stand with her bare feet.

24.RECONSTRUCTION © Liubov Sliusareva

13 min

In Ukrainian with English subtitles

Lubov Sliusareva’s short film captures the condition of five Ukrainian artists – Daria Veshtak, Sofia Yevmina, Matilda Marina, Mirra Zhuchkova and Yulia Linnik – in the untimely and spaceless reality between war, refugees, relative safety and new identities.

This event is part of the Herstory Treffen.

Director Liubov Sliusareva follows five Ukrainian female artists as they adapt to living in Germany after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Through poetic and lyrical visual language, the film examines the derealisation and disassociation experienced by displaced people. The Hooligan Art Community team traveled from Ponderosa, Lunow-Stolzenhagen to WUK Theater Quartier, Halle (Saale). Liubov Sliusareva and the team faced the essence of derealisation and the surreal falling out of reality. In this short film, the director tries to describe this exercise of people who find themselves in territory free from hostilities – refugees or those who in any way came into contact with the war. For Liubov Sliusareva, this feeling is connected with the experience of moving through teleportation: after you are deconstructed, you are not reconstructed. You are stuck in metaphysical space and still not going to some new form or place. And there is no choice, you only accept this.

Liubov Sliusareva is currently a filmmaker, photographer and video artist. Before 24 February 2022, she worked as an art director in the Ukrainian film industry and as a teacher at Children Art School in Kyiv. She is part of Hooligan Art Community and now lives in London.

Artistic Team

Liubov SliusarevaDirector, Cinematographer, Editor
Peter Cant, Andrea Ferran, Mathis KleinschnittgerProducers

Matilda Marina (Kyiv), Yulia Linnik (Kharkiv), Daria Veshtak (Kharkiv), Sofia Yevmina (Kyiv), Mirra Zhuchkova (Kyiv)

The event is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.