Performance | 10 Treffen: Transfeminist Treffen

Dinner Party

By Mothers Artlovers

A group of women and girls stand behind tables on which food is arranged.

Dinner Party © Mothers Artlovers

The performance will take the form of a dining situation open to the audience. Mothers will read out their recipes for acting together, practice political self-care and give tips on how to bake an institution that finally has a familiar taste.

This event is part of the Transfeminist Treffen.

Mothers Artlovers is a collective of femme visual artists, theorists, curators and activists for whom the practice of care is a universal principle unrelated to gender identity. The collective demands the recognition of care work in the professional art world and the change of (art) institutions from places of exclusion to platforms of solidarity. Supporting each other and mapping the issue of parenting in culture is done through collective actions that aim to create an (art) world that is more responsive to the needs of parents and carers. In Berlin, Mothers Artlovers will present the performance “Dinner Party”, during which they will treat guests to dishes from an affective menu based on the bittersweet taste of relationships, the variety of ingredients in a family composition, the everyday fondness for spaghetti and the festive passion for marzipan. Recipes from the 2023 International Forum are part of the performances in the framework of Theatertreffen.


Darina Alster, Hana Hillerová, Tereza Kerle, Kaca Olivova, Zuzana Štefková

Joshua Alabi, Nina Bade, James Harvey Estrada, Bingo Regis

The Berlin performance is supported by Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin.