Performance | 10 Treffen: Responsibility Treffen


Theater der Keller, Cologne

Premiere 18 November 2022

A woman and two men sit at microphone stands on a stage, with the title of the performance “PUTINPROCESS” projected on a screen in the background.

PUTINPROZESS © Oliver Strömer

In “PUTINPROZESS” the Ukrainian-German ensemble explores the destructive power of imperialist tyranny and explains the effects of colonisation and cultural appropriation through the actors’ personal stories.

This event is part of the Responsibility Treffen.

It started on 24 February 2022... no, it started before that. “PUTINPROZESS” explores the impact of a modern totalitarian system on each of us, regardless of where we come from or where we live. The performance looks at the emergence of “little Putin” in everyone’s life and its devastating consequences.

Several hundred thousand people fled to Germany due to the war in Ukraine. One of them is Andriy May. The theatre director, founder of the Vsevolod Meyerhold Center in Cherson and curator of the international theatre festival Document, was allowed to leave Ukraine as a single father and found a home in Cologne. At Theater der Keller, together with a Ukrainian-German ensemble, he examined the effects of the war on us all and developed the theatre performance “PUTINPROZESS”.

Artistic Team

Andriy MayDirector and Stage Designer
Viktor RubanChoreography/Body Work
Ulrike JanssenDramaturgy
Yevhen YakshinVideo, Sound
Katya MarkushCostume Design

Timon Ballenberger, Andriy May, Tetiana Zigura

A German-Ukrainian production.
With support of

The event is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.