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Status Quote. Theater im Umbruch

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The volume of debate essays “Status Quote”, edited by Sabine Leucht, Petra Paterno and Katrin Ullmann, presents all female directors who have been invited to Theatertreffen since the female quota was introduced. For the first time, theatre women talk about their working conditions, sexism, the gender pay gap and new opportunities.

This event is part of the Transfeminist Treffen.

When the female quota of 50 percent was introduced at Theatertreffen in 2019, it was met with a great deal of criticism. Would it not place all invited female directors under the general suspicion that they only “made it” because of the quota? On the other hand: Can it really be due only to artistic capabilities that over the previous 56 festival editions, there were only 27 invited women as opposed to 193 men? Four festival editions later, the publication “Status Quote. Theater im Umbruch: Regisseurinnen im Gespräch” takes stock: What did the quota accomplish? What is creative work in the theatre like for women? Where do structural inequalities exist and how can they be rectified in the future? Director Mateja Koležnik (invited to the 2023 Theatertreffen), director and activist Josephine Witt and at least one member of the collective She She Pop will join a panel discussion with the editors and Theatertreffen-jury members Sabine Leucht, Petra Paterno and Katrin Ullmann.


Mateja KoležnikDirector
Josephine WittDirector and activist
She She PopCollective
Sabine Leucht, Petra Paterno, Katrin UllmannEditors and Theatertreffen-jurors

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