The musicians invited to the annual “Nahaufnahme” (Close-Up) are former participants of the Treffen junge Musikszene. The aim of “Nahaufnahme” is to support the musicians in developing their artistic identity and awareness, in their authorship and in the leap towards professionalism.

The selected musicians are already taking their first steps towards professionalisation and are convincing in their continuous development.

Nahaufnahme 2023

The musicians selected for this year’s Nahaufnahme are invited to engage with each other and with their musical work on different levels, to enter into courageous collaborations with each other and to be inspired by interdisciplinary impulses. In this way, they develop new perspectives on their own artistic work and have the opportunity to explore new fields of development for themselves. Musical-artistic collaboration and experimentation in different constellations are an essential part of the format. In addition, there are intensive coaching sessions that are tailored to the concrete individual needs and questions of the participants. Nahaufnahme is not about results, it is the process that counts. In a workshop session during the Tanztreffen der Jugend and a Nahaufnahme concert during the Treffen junge Musikszene, the young musicians share the experiences of their joint artistic journey.

The Musicians of Nahaufnahme 2023

Lucas Dippold, Eva Latrovali aka EALA, Caecilia Lucius, Leander Machan, Anna Urban aka chaoswithlegs

Head of Nahaufnahme 2023

Direction – Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha, Marco Trochelmann

Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha is a Berlin-based Italian musician, composer, sound designer and music educator. She works in theatre, installation, video art and multimedia. Academic training in singing, composition for multimedia and cello, followed by training as an editor and sound designer for film and television. Her focus is on contemporary music, vocal research and composition as well as music production with a focus on experimental music and avant-garde. Munsha combines academic as well as transcultural sounds and pop music with technical know-how to create a spectrum from electronic music, noise and drone music to songwriting and soundtracks. She has composed music for theatre, dance and performative arts as well as sound installations. She has also written music for film, television and interdisciplinary projects. As a vocal coach, she is primarily involved in researching the vocal tract and the practical use of resonating bodies through the cross-over technique. Munsha’s musical research work is currently funded by the Musikfonds and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Marco Trochelmann was born in Lower Saxony in 1976. He studied music, German language and literature and psychology in Berlin and gained experience as a musician and composer with concerts, CD productions, commissioned compositions for theatre, silent film accompaniment and in the field of performance. This was followed by work as a workshop leader, including at the theatre festival LIEBE MACHT TOT(D) - Schüler spielen Shakespeare 2008 and at the Theatertreffen der Jugend 2009, as well as a jury member at the ZDF youth competition Radikal Büchner 2013. He worked as a guest speaker at the congress of the Association of German Music Schools, among others. Marco Trochelmann is currently head of the music department at the Ostetalschule KGS Sittensen (Lower Saxony).