Hartaqāt (Heresies)

Lina Majdalanie / Rabih Mroué
With texts by Rana Issa, Souhaib Ayoub, Bilal Khbeiz
Music by Raed Yassin

We see a close-up of a person against a blue illuminated background, that has long black curls, wears glasses and looks up to the stage sky.

Hartaqāt (Heresies) © Nora Rupp

Three different portraits about the courage and suffering of those who cross borders between countries, genders, languages or social classes. Narrated from the perspectives of three Lebanese performers.

Artist Talk “Globalised Exile I”
Sunday, 18 June 17:00

“Hartaqāt” (Heresies) by Lina Majdalanie and Rabih Mroué features stage accounts written by three Lebanese performers, each with their own experiences and memories. These three portraits, based on texts by Rana Issa, Souhaib Ayoub and Bilal Khbeiz and framed by music by Raed Yassin, bear witness to the courage and suffering of those who cross borders – whether they are of countries, genders, languages or social classes. Through their stories, they tell of oppression, the weight of the past and the violent abuses of an ailing society, but also of paths to survival and futures to be invented beyond borders.

Lina Majdalanie and Rabih Mroué probe the history of their native country, Lebanon, with characteristic ironic distance, sense of deconstruction, simplicity and inventiveness. Their work is the fruit of collaborations – not only of different writers, but also of dance, music and visual art. Together they explore the points of intersection and friction between reality and fiction, in the same breath questioning history and its myths, power and the way it is enacted, Arab and European consciousness.


Souhaib Ayoub, Lina Majdalanie, Raed Yassin

„Incontinence“ by Rana Issa
„The imperceptible seeping of life“ (L’imperceptible suintement de la vie) by Souhaib Ayoub
„Non-functional memories“ (Mémoires non fonctionnelles) by Bilal Khbeiz

Lina Majdalanie, Rabih MrouéConcept, directors
Raed YassinMusic
Ty BoomershineChoreography „The imperceptible seeping of life"
Rabih MrouéVideo
Pierre-Nicolas MoulinLighting design
Sarmad LouisAnimation
Victor HunzikerVideo programming
Juliette MouteauTrainee assistant director
Tristan PannatierProduction
Martine StaerkStage manager
Julie NowotnikLighting operator
Jad MakkiVideo operator
Mathieu Dorsaz, Malou QuinquardProps
Machteld VisCostumes
Rayya BadranTranslations

“Hartaqāt (Heresies)“ is part of the festival “Performing Exiles“ by Berliner Festspiele. Production: Theatre Vidy-LausanneCo-production: Printemps des Comédiens; Berliner Festspiele and HAU – Hebbel am Ufer im Rahmen von „Performing Exiles“; Festival d’automne à Paris; Théâtre du Rond-Point Paris; Festival delle Colline Torinesi; TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa; La rose des vents – Scène nationale Lille Métropole Villeneuve d’Ascq