Official opening and concert

Zhadan i Sobaky

Ska-Punk from Charkiw

The band stands with its frontman Serhij Zhadan in the middle against a black background. The band members are wearing black jeans and black T-shirts. Some shirts show white skulls or a pug.

Zhadan i Sobaky © Tania Horbatiuk

There is no lack of literature and poetry about music – but it is rather unusual to find an award-winning author filling large concert venues with a rock band. “Zhadan i Sobaky” (Zhadan and the Dogs) from Kharkiv combine ska, reggae and punk with elements from Ukrainian folk music. Their lyrics range from love songs to political manifests; they are melancholy and angry, poetical and ironic and they testify to their frontman Serhij Zhadan’s extraordinary feeling for language. His literary works have been translated into several languages and he received the 2022 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. These days, Zhadan is one of the most important Ukrainian voices when it comes to talking about the war.

Band Members

Serhij ZhadanVocals, frontman
Andriy PyvovarovBass Guitar, background vocals
Serhii KulaenkoKeys, Background vocals
Evgeny TurchynovRhythm Guitar, Background vocals
Vitaly BronishevskyDrums
Artem DmytrychenkovTrumpet
Oleksandr MerenchukTrombone

Moderation Oleksandr Serdyuk


Stanislav BronishevskyiSound design
Oleg AbramychevDriver
Blyk VitaliiStagehands
Petro BidenkoLightning design

“Zhadan i Sobaky” is part of the festival “Performing Exiles” by Berliner Festspiele.

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