Metal halfpipe between two upturned cars

Florentina Holzinger, Halfpipe. Bent Metal on 2 Cars, 2024 © raumlaborberlin

Florentina Holzinger

Halfpipe. Bent Metal on 2 Cars, 2024

Florentina Holzinger questions conventional limits and genre clichés in her innovative works. Her performances seamlessly blend elements from body art, spectacle and feminist or emancipatory theory. Holzinger is acclaimed for her daring presentations that challenge simple attributions and often spark concern and apprehension in their audiences. Spectators are fascinated by Holzinger, her team and the performers who are currently in high regard in both the theatre and the art scene.

In collaboration with raumlaborberlin, Holzinger is developing her first installation work for Radical Playgrounds, which she will activate together with her team, a group of skaters, and the audience during the opening event. Visitors can skate, slide, climb or run on a ramp supported by two cars. This interactive installation invites personal engagement and playful exploration, reflecting Holzinger’s interest in pushing artistic boundaries and subverting expectations.

The skateable ramp is both an experiment and a play object, which takes up various elements from Holzinger’s previous artistic work, such as misappropriated cars, combines them with each other and leads to a common utilisation. Although Holzinger’s challenging performances and interventions are athletic and have a lot of prerequisites – often demanding a certain level of training – the focus is on the bodies and the free spaces they conquer. Holzinger’s play object thus also touches on key aspects of the exhibition theme “From Competition to Collaboration” and invites visitors to play together beyond the rules.

Florentina Holzinger is a choreographer, performer, stuntwoman and opera director who challenges conventional boundaries and genre clichés with her innovative works. She lives and works in Berlin and Vienna.