Walk-Through with the Playworkers

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun

1 h

In German and English


Free admission

In daily walk-throughs, the playworkers share their expertise and thoughts on the artworks and set individual thematic highlights. 

The playworkers are hosts, conversation partners, supporters, playmates and experts, who create occasions for artistic-educational scenarios within the art parcours. You can meet them for a stroll, a conversation, an exploration or a game on Radical Playgrounds.

Registration is not required


Viviane Tabach is a curator, art mediator, and artist. For more than fifteen years she has been working with art mediation, exploring the intersection between curatorial, artistic and educational practices. She runs the project space Co-Making Matters, located at Haus der Statistik, and is also a founding member of the collective Cruising Curators.

Jakob Eichhorn specialises in cultural communication, focusing on art, history, and politics. With an academic background in public history, journalism and communication studies, his focus is on stories as a social tool. His experience in curation and education has shaped his desire to make art, science and social discourse accessible.

David Bruckmüller has worked as a filmmaker, photographer, IT-Technician and in several art-related positions. In his practice, he enjoys treating images and text, mostly concerning niches and nuances crawling into society from its edges and/or social questions. He also likes working with building materials (especially wood), probably stemming from one of his former lifes as an architect to be.

Oliver Gudzowski is an architect, artist, performer and researcher and loves to work with their surroundings. They enjoy exploring queer and other spaces and their relationship to the body, searching for the appropriate tools to question the state of being.

Amelie Pauline Hornung used to work in art education at Gropius Bau for several years and is currently writing her Master Thesis about Urban Living in Philosophy. She is interested in the intersection of art, education, inclusion and community practices.

Max Reiniger works as a mediator, author and performer in independent theater projects. He is interested in recycling, entertainment and humor as mediation practices and reality as an aesthetic effect of art. He directs with the group Blomen/Moré/Reiniger and is co-organizer of the Theaterkongress Offline Berlin.

Niusha Ramzani is an artist and activist living and working in Berlin. She studied philosophy, art history and design and has worked with the Gropius Bau, MIT (USA) and Floating e.V., among others. She is part of the collective "Rhizomatic Squad for Caring Technologies" and is active in various political contexts. She currently works mainly with film and text.

Christopher-Felix Hahn is a freelance performer, theater maker and architectural historian. He has worked with Tino Sehgal, Nico and the Navigators and Showcase Beat Le Mot, among others. In his own pieces he usually deals with the history of historically charged places, such as the Haus des Rundfunks in Berlin or the Schiller-Oper in St. Pauli.

Duc Vu Manh is a Vietnamese-German art mediator and creative worker, he focuses on pressing issues of social justice, solidarity and autonomy. He sees curiosity about art as the key to creating encounters: It enables storytelling, focusing on community, empowerment and validation of diverse perspectives. Duc Vu Manh lives and works in Berlin.

Daria Redkina is a performance artist working with sound and sonic objects, often involved in site-specific interventions in complex acoustic environments, she adapts her work to space and its unique architectural dimensions. She loves to work on the intersection of sound design, sculpture and interactive media.