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Die Räuber (The Robbers)

By Friedrich Schiller

Residenztheater, Munich

Premiere Residenztheater, Munich: 23 September 2016

Die Räuber © Thomas Dashuber

Die Räuber. Ensemble © Thomas Dashuber

Opening night party on 21 May, following the film preview

In an era of emerging mass movements, where the enemies of democracy line up against the open society in market places and on social media platforms, Ulrich Rasche’s unconventionally severe chorus theatre, cultivated over a period of years, is the art-work of the hour. Rasche places his actors on gigantic treadmills that rotate like tank treads, ascending towards the heavens and inclining into the abyss. Whether it is the Moor household, hijacked by the scheming Franz, or Karl’s robber horde – they all stride along like galley slaves, all of them caught in the slipstream of the masses, congenially orchestrated by Rasche’s composer Ari Benjamin Meyers through meditative, archaic drum compositions. In this grim, operatic production, the fantasies of a breakthrough and criticism of the authorities which inflame Schiller’s protagonists condense into an apocalyptic monument.

Direction and stage Ulrich Rasche
Composition Ari Benjamin Meyers
Costumes Heidi Hackl
Choir conductor Alexander Weise
Lighting Gerrit Jurda
Dramaturgy Sebastian Huber
Collaboration stage Sabine Mäder
Choir coach Toni Jessen

Maximilian, Count von Moor Götz Schulte
Franz Moor Katja Bürkle (instead of the sickened Valery Tscheplanowa)
Karl Moor Franz Pätzold
Amalia von Edelreich Nora Buzalka
Spiegelberg Thomas Lettow
Schweizer Max Koch
Razmann Leonard Hohm
Schufterle Alexander Weise
Roller László Branko Breiding*
Daniel René Dumont

Gang of Robbers*
Moritz Borrmann, Yasin Boynuince, Kjell Brutscheidt, William Cooper, Emery Escher, Toni Jessen, Max Krause, Bekim Latifi, Cyril Manusch

*Students of the Otto-Falkenberg-Schule and the Theaterakademie August Everding

Tenor Sandro Schmalzl
Bass-baritone Martin Burgmair and Gustavo Castillo
Violin Mariana Beleaeva
Viola Jenny Scherling
E-bass Heiko Jung
Percussion Fabian Löbhard