Staged Reading | Stückemarkt

Zelle Nummer

By Petra Hůlová (Czech Republic)
German translation from the Czech by Doris Kouba

Staged reading
Stückemarkt II

© Petra Hůlová

© Petra Hůlová

Artist Talk with Petra Hůlová and Tanja Šljivar
following the performance of
“We Are the Ones Our Parents Warned Us About” (12 May, ca. 20:00)
Moderation: Armin Petras
In English

THU 11 May 2017, 18:00, Haus der Berliner Festspiele
The failure of Eastern European intellectuals after the fall of the Berlin wall – a performative lecture
Workshop with Petra Hůlová
In English
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The intellectual elite of the Czech Republic has withdrawn into cells to ponder the country’s future. Their definition of “what is Czech” has become brittle. Their cultural heritage appears to be inadequate. They are surrounded by contemporary Prague: a young, comfortable mass of people who surround themselves with the necessary props of high spirits. And they don’t quite seem to fit into the European framework, either. This identity crisis requires them to take a stand on the topic of migration. It isn’t always clear whether the characters might not harbour nationalist and elitist ideas after all. There are no dialogues between the characters, but they frequently refer to each other in their speeches, creating an eloquent narrative fabric.
Mona El Gammal

Scenic arrangement Armin Petras
Dramaturgy Maria Nübling
Music Jörg Kleemann

With Jule Böwe, Svenja Liesau, Anja Schneider

The German translation of the play was funded by the Luxembourg embassy in Prague.