A Programme on Artificial Intelligence

Communications and Marketing
Project Lead and Curator: Clara Meister
Digital Communications: Natalie Schütze
Press: Kerstin Meenen, Birgit Schapow
Organisation and Marketing: Ellen Clemens
Visuals & Multimedia-Production: Luis Kürschner
Education & Outreach Assistant: Eliane Eid
Communication Assistant: Madeleine Köberlein
Student Assistant: Çağla Erdemir

Curatorial Team
Coordination DGS-Videos: Alexandra Philippovskaya 
Curatorial Editor: Christopher Wierling

Project Management Advise: Katharina Heise

Technical Office
Technical Lead: Bert Schülke
Technical Office Exhibition and Events: Felix Petzold, Thomas Wittmütz
Lighting: Marc Aldinger

Finance and Partnerships
Finance and Commerce: Carlos Rodriguez Artavia
Third-Party Funding: Wiebke Koch

Consultant: Maya Indira Ganesh
Graphic Design: 3pc
Graphic Design Exhibition: Julia Volkmar – Studio for Spatial & Graphic Design
Conservator: Aurelia Badde
Graphic Production: Elbe Druckerei, Villa Schmück Dich
Exhibition Installation: EMArt
Production DGS-Videos: FISCHSIGNS
Exhibition texts: Pablo Larios
Translation: Christoph Jehlicka

Imprint Podcast
Supervision: Clara Meister
Production & Moderation: Eliane Eid
Co-Production: Madeleine Köberlein
Sound Design & Editing: Luis Kürschner
Assistance: Çağla Erdemir

Imprint Glossary
Terms, prompts and editing (with additional terms by the participating artists):
Eliane Eid, Madeleine Köberlein, Clara Meister, Christopher Wierling 
Consultant: Maya Indira Ganesh

Imprint Writer in Residence
Editors: Sonja Borstner, Paulina Chaimowicz, Robert Maharajh