Residency Programme

The Residency programme brings back artists and their creative processes to the Gropius Bau: building on the venue’s history and original identity as a decorative arts museum with numerous studios and workshops, the Gropius Bau will once again become a site for artistic creation and production. Artists are invited to break free of existing institutional formats and rethink with us the concept of the exhibition hall for the twenty-first century.

Pallavi Paul

Artist in Residence 2023

How does the post-pandemic world test the lover and their breath? In the second half of 2023, an exhibition of the Gropius Bau’s Artist in Residence 2023 Pallavi Paul will move across the mystical, medical, political, ecological and erotic life of breath. 

Pallavi Paul, Changing Places in the Fire, film still, 2022

Pallavi Paul, Changing Places in the Fire, film still, 2022

K Allado-McDowell

Writer in Residence 2023

As Gropius Bau's first Writer in Residence, K Allado-McDowell will focus on writings that challenge, re-consider, subvert, collaborate and mingle with learning algorithms. Allado-McDowell is considered an innovator in the collaborative use of AI and machine learning for co-creative and literary work.

Portrait, K Allado-McDowell

Portrait, K Allado-McDowell

photo: Ian Byers-Gamber

hn. lyonga

Neighbour in Residence 2023

As first Neighbour in Residence at the Gropius Bau, hn. lyonga will engage with the question of how neighbourly relations can exist in institutional spaces in the realm of his programme becoming neighbours

photo: José Tiago Pox