Current Projects

Soundshapes – In Between Frequencies

31 July 2023 to 1 January 2024

Soundshapes – In Between Frequencies activates the two entrances of the Gropius Bau with sound works by Kapwani Kiwanga and Janine Jembere, creating an acoustic connection between the central entrance portal of the neo-Renaissance building and the step-free entrance. Drawing from the potential of porosity, this architectural intervention challenges the monumentality and statics of the building in an attempt to destabilise the divide between interior and exterior.

Janine Jembere, Untitled (from the series Residence Time), 2013

Janine Jembere, Untitled (from the series Residence Time), 2013.

Courtesy: the artist

Resonance Room

Since 2021

The Resonance Room shares local knowledge and experiences of mental health in Berlin. Since September 2021, a number of projects have developed that question the understanding of and approach to mental health in this city: How do individual health and society interact? How does history affect the present? What forms of care, solidarity and community are designed and practised in urban society? The resonance of different voices from the neighbourhood, academia and civic society can be experienced here. As a meeting place, the Resonance Room gathers these voices and engages them in dialogue.

Resonance Room.

photo: Luca Girardini

Neighbourhood Projects

Since 2021

A special feature of the Gropius Bau is its location. It is an important point of reference for the programme and educational projects. The opening up of the institution for its various neighbours is the main aim. This education work is fundamentally collaborative and based on current and future collaborations with intercultural, intergenerational and queer neighbourhood initiatives.

Network meeting on the Gropius Bau’s Südplatz

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