Current Projects

A Programme on Artificial Intelligence

Since 2023

Taking place both online and offline, the Gropius Bau’s first programme on artificial intelligence (AI) focuses on AI’s utopian and poetic possibilities. In 2023, the first part of the programme, Ether’s Bloom, kicked off a sequence of new projects including a Writer in Residence, artistic explorations, a podcast, lectures and conversations. The development of an app with a special focus on education and accessibility forms the programme’s second part.

Visual: Luis Kürschner, with kind support from Studio Linné

The Singing Project

Since 2021

What if people met singing freely together?
What if an exhibition venue became a place of continuous song?

The Singing Project (2021–ongoing) is a collective practice and singing sculpture composed by Ayumi Paul, the Gropius Bau’s Artist in Residence 2022. Since its onset, the project has taken shape in a series of workshops, gatherings and an exhibition, hosting an open space to freely sing and listen to one another.

A person stands in front of stretched fabric on which a shadow falls.

Ayumi Paul, The Singing Project, 2022

Resonance Room

Since 2021

The Resonance Room shares local knowledge and experiences of mental health in Berlin. Since September 2021, a number of projects have developed that question the understanding of and approach to mental health in this city: How do individual health and society interact? How does history affect the present? What forms of care, solidarity and community are designed and practised in urban society? The resonance of different voices from the neighbourhood, academia and civic society can be experienced here. As a meeting place, the Resonance Room gathers these voices and engages them in dialogue.

Resonance Room.

photo: Luca Girardini