Impulse Lectures | Ether’s Bloom

Harvest and Decay – A Cluster on Artificial Intelligence

With Dr. Özgün Eylül İşcen, Dominik Koller, Dr. Oliver Marsh, Dr. Clara Meister, Dr. Milagros Miceli, Dr. Kenneth Norwood, Dr. Anna von Rath and ChatGPT

Visual: Luis Kürschner, with kind support from Studio Linné

How can we understand AI better and learn to navigate its limitations? Drawing on these questions, this event brings together several 15-minute impulse lectures. Tackling ethical or structural questions around artificial intelligence, the invited speakers present one single aspect around their research. The format echoes the structure of a computer cluster, which is designed to introduce a variety of different information that eventually leads to one main focus – just as the different perspectives presented by the invited speakers.

This event is part of Ether’s Bloom: A Programme on Artificial Intelligence.