Nancy Holt: Circles of Light

Curated by Clara Meister and Lisa Le Feuvre

Holt/Smithson Foundation
Program Manager & Assistant Curator: William T. Carson
Collection Manager & Registrar: Natalie Rae Good

Director Gropius Bau
Jenny Schlenzka

Curatorial Team
Curatorial Editor: Christopher Wierling
Coordination Education & Outreach: Nadine Nzambisa Ngolo, Alexandra Philippovskaya

Head of Exhibitions and Production: Simone Schmaus
Project Management: Filippa Carlini
Assistant Management Exhibitions: Sophie Schattner
Student Assistant: Sofia Davydova

Communications and Marketing
Deputy Head of Communication and Marketing: Natalie Schütze
Digital Communication: Paulina Chaimowicz
Marketing: Ellen Clemens
Press: Birgit Schapow
Communications Fellow: Matthias Kählert
Student Assistent: Laura Desch, Greta Diepenbrock, Luis Kürschner

Technical Office
Technical Office Exhibitions: André Merfort
Technical Office Events: Felix Paul Petzold, Thomas Wittmütz
Lighting: Marc Aldinger, Michael Wolff

Director’s Office
Finance and Commerce: Carlos Rodriguez Artavia
Organisation & Strategic Partnerships: Wiebke Koch
Institutional Funding & Publications: Kirsten Einfeldt
Assistant to the Director: Cordula Brucker


Production DGS-Videos: FISCHSIGNS
Translation: Yvonne Tang
Copy-editing: Louisa Elderton
Subtitles: Kornél Szilágyi
Graphic Design Exhibition: Julia Volkmar – Studio for Spatial & Graphic Design
Graphic Production: Villa Schmück Dich
Advertising Media: 3pc
Exhibition Installation: Flat Mountain Production
Architectural construction: Kruse AT
Paintwork: Lazar
Media Technology: visionb
Production Atrium: mediapool
Conservators: Nicola Müller, Gesine Siedler
Fine Art Logistics: DB SCHENKER art

With thanks to all lenders: Holt/Smithson Foundation, Sprüth Magers, Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst Aachen