Guided Tour | General Idea

Architecture and Viral Scenography: On General Idea’s Spatial Practice

With Samuel Perea-Díaz

Courtesy: Samuel Perea-Díaz

In this tour, artist and spatial designer Samuel Perea-Díaz shares insights and reflections about how artworks configure spatial strategies and critical approaches in General Idea’s work. The tour focuses on the stories and intentions behind the elegiac AIDS-images of the Imagevirus series and the design elements produced by the group within the context of the 1984 Miss General Idea Pageant Pavillon.

From the captivating ice landscape to the poignant AIDS imagery, the tour uncovers the spatial approaches of the iconic trio’s 25-year spanning practice, and reflects on its relations to the AIDS pandemic. The main focus of this tour is dissecting aspects of spaces and the exhibition scenography articulated in-between the – literally – viral images. The tour concludes with analysing the design elements of their Pavillion that define their groundbreaking art.

Samuel Perea-Díaz is a cross-disciplinary artist, researcher, lecturer and spatial designer. His practice spans architecture, curation and sound art. With a background in Architecture and an MA in Sound Studies, he has been deeply involved in museum scenography, exhibitions and art installations. Notable recent projects include curatorial projects such as An AIDS Walkthrough and Ocaña: Der Engel, der in der Qual singt.